Report: Kurt Warner to be Named Starting Quarterback


Well, that didn’t take long. is reporting that Kurt Warner will be named the starting quarterback for your Arizona Cardinals over third year quarterback Matt Leinart.

I’m not so as much surprised by the decision as I am the timing.  I really thought coach Ken Whisenhunt would let Leinart try to redeem himself in the first half of the upcoming game against Denver on Thursday.  However, as poorly as Leinart played last night, I think his fate was sealed.  Leinart has been questioned on his arm strength and there was no more proof of the lack of arm than in his first interception by the Raiders Michael Huff last night.  In a pass attempt to receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who can jump with the best of them, couldn’t get high enough to at least break the interception up, doubts started to creep in further.

Hopefully we will get more on this later today, but as of right now, it appears Warner has the job, at least for the San Francisco game in two weeks.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen