Len Pasquarelli and Matt Williamson Are My Heroes


I’m sure your first thought is, “I know who Len Pasquarelli is, but who is Matt Williamson and why do I care he is being mentioned in this blog?”

Well Len Pasquarelli of ESPN and Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. are the only two of 16 “experts” who made their NFL predictions on ESPN.com today.  Both of the aforementioned predict Arizona will win the NFC West.  The other 14 all selected Seattle.  Where are the votes for St. Louis and San Francisco? Ok ok, you can stop laughing now.

The usual picks of Dallas, San Diego, Indianapolis, and New England were all there.  I saw several picks where the NY Giants and Philadelphia were chosen as the NFC wild-care representatives.  The Giants might have a tough time making the playoffs as quickly as they are taking injuries, however, I still see them near the top echelon of the NFC.

To read more on the picks, click here.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen