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A Look at My 2008 Predictions


Burning questions are abound going into the 2008 NFL season.  Such questions as, Will Adam “Pac-Man” Jones (I don’t really care that he doesn’t want to be referred to as Pac-Man anymore – that’s who he made a name for himself as) stay out of trouble?  Will Anquan Boldin be traded?  WIll the Bears find a real quarterback?  There are so many questions and here are how I think some will be answered.

Will The New York Giants repeat as Super Bowl Champions?  I think the question should more be, will the Giants even make the playoffs, given all their injuries?  I think they still make the playoffs.  Most of their offensive weapons are still in place.

Will the Cowboys disappoint their fans and fail the reach the Super Bowl again?  Well, tough to say.  I think it’s fair to say Jessica Simpson is still a Tony Romo distraction.  Even when she isn’t there, the relationship is brought up.  If Adam Jones stays out of trouble, and Terrell Owens as well, then they have a shot at going a long way.  They have a top TE in Jason Whitten.  I guess the best part about the Cowboys is that they are in Dallas and not here.  Jerry Jones and his roster of misfits should be entertaining.

Can the Cardinals finish first in the division?  Well, it will be tough.  I’m a homer, but also a realist.  I think Seattle is still the class of the division, but Arizona is catching up.  I predicted 10 wins for the Cardinals, which is very optimistic, given they haven’t reached that total since moving to Arizona, however Seattle wins probably 11 and wins the division.  A wild-card hope is definitely in the cards.

Best Cardinals home game: Oh, well that’s easy, Miami.  Cardinals should roll.

Worst Cardinals home game: Dallas.  As hard as the Cardinals tried to make it for the Cowchip fans to make it into the stadium for the game, it is impossible to keep all of them out.  Arizona Department of Public Safety officers will have their hands full controlling the crowd.

Best Cardinals road game: Philadelphia.  It’s on national television, on Thanksgiving.  I hope the Cardinals are up to the task.

Worst Cardinals road game: New England. I don’t care if it was 106 vs. 53 players.  I don’t care if it was 53 Cardinals vs 2 Patriots, as long as those Patriots are Tom Brady and Randy Moss, Patriots will roll.  It’s in December too.  That was pretty cruel of the NFL.  Might be the biggest difference in victory in the NFL this season.

So, without further ado, my playoff predictions:

NFC Divisional Winners:  Dallas, Green Bay, New Orleans, Seattle

NFC Wildcard: New York Giants, Arizona

NFC Championship Game: New Orleans vs Dallas

NFC Champion: New Orleans

AFC Division Winners:  New England, Indianapolis, Cleveland, San Diego

AFC Wildcard: Pittsburgh, Tennessee

AFC Championship Game: New England vs. San Diego

AFC Champion: San Diego

Super Bowl Champion: San Diego