First Observations


Ahhh….the sweet sound of crunching helmets.  A very interesting week one so far to say the least.  Some surprises, some not so surprising.  The first TD of the season was scored by New Orleans and a nice long pass from Drew Brees to David PattenSt. Louis was the first team to be scored upon…then they were scored on again, and again, and again. Say speaking of being scored upon, Seattle knows a little something about that!

Other observations:

Brett Favre looks like he made the correct decision to return.  Michael Turner is a stud, more on that later.  Matt Ryan has early dibs on rookie of the year, apologies to Joe Flacco.  The NFC West has shown their true weakness as Seattle and St. Louis were outscored 72-13.  Ouch!  Donovan McNabb appears to be in true form.  Finally, are the players fired up or what?  Two in-house fights with players and coaches.  Joey Porter from the Dolphins and Jon Kitna both had disagreements with their resepctive coaches.  C’mon guys, no same team fighting in football!