It’s a Fools Paradise


What in the National Football League is going on here?  First, of course, we hear New England quarterback Tom Brady is out for the season, a shock in itself.  However, maybe even a bigger injury issue is that of the Seattle Seahawks football team.  They are missing more star players than Brittany Spears is missing brain cells.  Receiver Nate Burleson is out for the season after injuring his knee yesterday.  Their starting running back Maurice Morris will miss the next couple of weeks with a sprained knee.  A run down of all the bad news in the NFC West that doesn’t start or end for that matter, with the words Arizona Cardinals.

  • Seattle lost Burleson for the season, Morris for at least two weeks, and will be without receivers Deion Branch or Bobby Engram next week against San Francisco
  • St. Louis had a horrible day in Philadelphia.  Receiver Torry Holt, one of my fantasy starters by the way, so there he goes to the bench, only caught one pass for 9 yards on Sunday.  I think a couple of high school teams would have given them a game on Sunday.  Not taking anything away from Philly, cause I’m not sure anyone would have beaten them on Sunday given the way McNabb played.  I knew St. Louis wouldn’t be very good, but they have the offensive weapons to play with anyone in the league.  Apparently those weapons were set on “safety” Sunday, drawing nothing but blanks.
  • San Francisco did a good job running the ball, when they actually had the ball.  Arizona was in complete control of the game in the second half though.  Time of possession was 23 minutes for Arizona and only 7 minutes for San Francisco.  Also, you aren’t going to win many games in the NFL turning the ball over 5 times, not even the Cardinals.

So, it’s a fools paradise.  Sure, the Cardinals are in first place – for now.  The pessimist in me though says although the Cardinals could easily be staring a 4-0 record in the face come October 5th when Buffalo comes to town ( I will reserve judgment on the Bills till they play a couple of more games – although they look pretty darn good right now!).  Now I say, should be 4-0.  Of course we all know they won’t.  Miami comes to town this week.  Then they go to Washington to play the deadskins.  After that is another road test in New York against the Jets.  Anything can happen there.

I’ll take what I can get I guess.  We are in first place and it’s a nice place to be, even if it is only for one week.  I imagine though even with the Seattle woes yesterday, they aren’t nearly that bad and they are a team I believe can overcome injury to still win the division.  If the Cards can stay healthy and mistake free (wow, I just said both of those words in the same sentence – shame on me), then there’s no reason to believe that this division is now wide open.  I will re-visit this issue though when the Cards aren’t looking 4-0 in the face, however 1-3 instead.

It’s a fools paradise!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen