Cardinals Seven Point Favorites


It always amazes me whenever the Cardinals are established as a heavy favorite in a game, no matter who the opponent is.  This week, with Miami coming to town, the Cardinals have been posted as at least seven point favorites on several betting sites.  That number makes me cringe when it comes to a point spread that large in favor of the Cardinals.

I only say it makes me cringe because I know the history.  Last night, as a guest on, Miami’s lead blogger, Brian, asked me if I thought this was going to be a cake walk for the Cardinals.  I responded by saying that I don’t often hear the words “cake walk” and “Cardinals” in the same sentence.  The Cards in the past have been known to play to the level of their competition.

I’m not predicting doom and gloom because it is a new season after all.  However, I still have reservations about this team.  A team that still needs to show consistency in putting teams away, even those in the lower echelon of the league.

They may very well win by more than 7, and I truly hope they blow the Dolphins away, but I think many of us know the Cardinals better than that.  I expect Miami to stay in the game for awhile.  I’m just glad I’m not going to Las Vegas to put money down on this team.  Come ask me to do that when they start 4-0 or 5-0.  That all being said, let’s squish the fish!!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen