Closer to Blackout


Well, as of this afternoon there were still about 1,100 tickets remaining for this weekend’s game against the Miami Dolphins.  The Cardinals asked the NFL for an extra day to sell the tickets to ensure the game would be shown locally.  This is unbelieveable.  This team is on the rise and and we can’t sell out University of Phoenix Stadium?  Again, as I said yesterday, I realize this is the Dolphins coming to town, but really, how could you not be excited about this team?

I’m going to be in my seat in section 126 enjoying every minute.  I also realize we are in tough financial times, however the most expensive tickets are the ones sold out.  Arizona still isn’t close to the most expensive NFL ticket.  Let’s get on it!  How embarrassing is it going to be if we revert back to the old days and find out the game was only sold out because of corporate intervention?

We now have until 1:15 tomorrow to get this game sold out to avoid local blackout.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen