Red Birds Flock East


As most of you should know, the Cardinals are playing the next two weeks back east in Washington and New York against the Skins and Jets. They will be playing the Skins at Fed Ex Field this week and then head to the Meadowlands to play the Jets on the September 28th.  With two long trips facing them, the Cardinals decided that they will be staying back east between games, staying at their hotel in Virginia during the week and then taking the train up to New Jersey prior to the Jets game.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said the team is free to make arrangements for their families to join them since they will be gone for two weekends. The team will have the same day off to spend time with the families and see the sights.  Don’t count on Anquan Boldin checking out the sites.  He said he’s seen it all and will maintain his workout routine.

So, thinking about the trip they are taking, I thought several players could benefit from visiting certain sites in the Washigton D.C. area.

Larry Fitzgerald can visit the IRS Building.  He should seek out an agent to ensure he is paying the proper amount of taxes on his gigantic contract extension.

Kurt Warner can visit The Smithsonian Institutes.   He can see where his story will be told in a few years time.

Matt Leinart can visit Capitol Hill.  He can learn how to lobby for more playing time.

Tim Hightower can visit Richmond University cause, well, he just graduated from there. Hello!

Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast can visit the Department of Defense to get some tips on how to pass protect better.

Those are just some of the idea.  If you have some good ones, please let me know.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen