Top Five/Bottom Five


Two weeks into the season and I suppose it’s time to start mentioning who I have as my top five and bottom five teams.  Although our Cardinals are 2-0, I do have to temper that with the fact that they beat San Francisco and Miami.  The San Francisco win though looks better this week than it did last with the 49ers victory in Seattle this past Sunday.

My top 5:

1. New York Giants. They rock.  They might have lost several players to injury, however they do what they need to in order to win.  I know they beat St. Louis, but to win 41-13 anywhere in the NFL is impressive when you aren’t playing with a full deck.

2. Dallas Cowboys. They would be number one, except they gave up 37 to Philly at home, including a Tony Romo fumble in the end zone, which led to 7 Philly points.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers.  They aren’t flashy, but they get the job done week in and week out.

4. Denver Broncos. Again, I realize they beat the Raiders, then received a gift call in the 4th quarter to win their second game.  However Jay Cutler is the real deal.  He is a winner.

5. Green Bay Packers.  Aaron Rodgers may creep out of Brett Favre’s shadow sooner than we all think.

Bottom 5:

5. Cincinnati Bengals.  Not a tough call, really.  Carson Palmer has produced zero offense.  Ocho Cinco Uno Tres La Cuccaracha, I don’t care what his name is, isn’t producing either.  4 wins?  Maybe 5?

4. Detroit Lions.  Doesn’t get much worse than losing to Atlanta in week one to a rookie quarterback then to a quarterback who makes Packers fans forget Brett Favre, if just for one Sunday.  Detroit fails to drop further since they’ve been able to produce some points.

3. Oakland Raiders. Your coach is about to be fired.  Your defensive coordinator, who some dislike, is about to become his replacement.  Your quarterback just threw for 50 yards – against Kansas City!  You only make #3 cause at least you won a game.

2. Kansas City Chiefs. How do you lose at home to Oakland?  Oh yeah, Darren McFadden just steamrolled you.  You aren’t dead last though.  At least you gave New England a game in their place. Oh, and you’ve been in the red zone this season.  Which leads me to. . . .

1. St. Louis Rams. I’ve ripped on them enough.  Wait, no I haven’t.  Given up 79 points.  Scored 16.  Now, do I need say more?

Go Cards!

Scott Allen