A Closer Look At The Washington Redskins


I had the opportunity yesterday to trade questions with lifelong Redskins fan, second-year season ticket holder, Mark Newgent.  He is the blogger for the Washington Redskins Examiner.

Scott Allen: What are your thoughts on Jason Campbell as the Redskins starting quarterback?

Mark Newgent: Jason Campbell is very much a work in progress. He has the physical and mental tools to be a very good quarterback. The problem is the seven offensive systems he’s been in since his senior year at Auburn.  Campbell needs to know that in the West Coast Offense footwork determines where the ball goes.  He’s got to unlearn locking on to the reveiver and instead learn to throw to space. Once he gets that down and gets the ball out of his hands quicker then you will really see him blossom.

SA: Jason Campbell didn’t look very comfortable running coach Jim Zorn’s offense in the opener against New York.  Can Jim Zorn’s offense eventually work with the Redskins?

MN: Campbell didn’t look good in the preseason games against Carolina and Jacksonville either.  However, he looked very impressive against the Saints he had 455 yards and a 67 yard bomb to Santana Moss for the winning score.  Also, the Redskins first punt did not come until the final seconds of the third quarter.  Whether Zorn’s offense works depends on Campbell’s further maturation. We will see.

SA: Do you think the Redskins have any chance at contending in arguably the toughest division in the NFL?

MN The Redskins contending depends on how well Campbell and the offense gel in Zorn’s offense.  I think they go either 7-9 or 9-7.

SA: Do you think Santana Moss is getting better with age?

MN: Yes I definitely think Moss is getting better with age, but that is a double edged sword–he’s getting older, and has had injury problems the last couple of seasons.

SA: What things do you think the Redskins need to do on Sunday in order to have a shot at defeating the Cardinals?

MN: First and foremost the Redskins need to get in Kurt Warner’s face and pressure him. That worked well in last year’s game, and when the Redskins beat Warner and the Rams in 2003. If Warner can’t get them the ball, then Boldin and Fitzgerald can’t hurt you. The Redskins offensive line needs to spring Clinton Portis for some big gains and keep the Arizona safety’s honest.

Mark predicts a Redskins victory 24-20 over the Cardinals.

Remember, tomorrow is the first early game of the season – 10am.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen