By the Fantasy Numbers


What a Sunday.  In a weekend where there were many points scored, many of those points came from unexpected sources, thus leaving people wondering, what now?

The Three Happy Surprises:

  • Obviously, the happiest fantasy owners right now have to be those that actually played Ronnie Brown and didn’t leave them on their bench, just as my counterpart and opponent this week David did from Riggo’s Rag.

I mean where does Ronnie Brown get off playing that way – 4 TD’s and 1 throwing TD, against the Patriots of all teams!  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, many owners were left with him on the bench.

  • The second surprise was running back Julius Jones from Seattle.  I know he played against a weak St. Louis defense, but you had to be happy he produced the numbers the Seahawks were looking for when the signed him to replace long time back Shaun Alexander.  He had 140 yards on 22 carries with one TD.

If Jones can continue this type of play, he will make many fantasy owners who took a gamble on him, look like geniuses.  Jones himself is a smart man, as he graduated from Notre Dame, so he should be used to pressure and producing against high expectations.

  • The third surprise is Michael Turner from Atlanta.  I know, he played a poor Kansas City defense and he had a great week one against Detroit.  However I think this was a chance to help prove the point he may be for real.  It’s clear right now, fantasy owners would be idiotic not to play him.

Turner is playing against Carolina and Green Bay the next two weeks.  Thos are tough road games, however until he has back to back poor outings, I would continue to use him.

Three Disappointments:

The Patriots Defense.  No one could fathom the Dolphins walking into Foxboro and crushing the Patriots by 23 points.  I would have laughed at anyone who would have suggested such a farce, especially since I witnessed the Dolphins first hand only the week before.

Running back Steven Jackson from St. Louis.  How can you not be continued to be disappointed in one of the preseason’s highly sught after running backs?  Of course you can place some of the blame on the offensive line, but Jackson’s numbers continue to mystify and that’s not a good thing.

Brian Griese, quarterback, Tampa Bay.  Sure his team won and that the most important thing to Tampa Bay.  However to the fantasy owners who started him, whoa!  Two TD’s to go along with Three INT’s.  He threw the ball an astounding 67 times!  I wouldn’t start him next week as his arm might have officially fallen off by then.

We have the Jets and Chargers tonight.  I have Antonio Gates at TE still yet to play and down one point.  Normally I’d like my chances, however, I’m playing against Rivers and Tomlinson.  Enough said.  I lose.

Have fun watching the game!

Scott Allen