If You’re Keeping Count


Well Detroit finally did it, they were able to rid themselves of Team President Matt Millen.  That really doesn’t come as a surprise given the comments from Bill Ford Jr the other day. 

However, I wonder when the rest of the following moves will be made?

When will Lane Kiffin be fired by the Raiders?  We already know Al Davis doesn’t like him.  Oakland can’t beat anyone but Kansas City.  This might be taking so long because Davis wants to do it in person, except he is so old it takes him three weeks to walk from his office to the practice field. 

When will Scott Linehan be fired by the Rams? Well, he’s resorted to changing quarterbacks, naming Trent Green as the starter this week against Buffalo.  Wow, when you have to resort to using Trent Green to save your job, you’re in trouble.  Ask Cam Cameron

When will Kansas City employ a real quarterback?  Rumors have Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn coming to town.  Fans are chatting about Matt Stafford from the University of Georgia for next season.  Coach Herm Edwards vote of confidence in Tyler Thigpen was about as strong as the idea of St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, and Oakland having 7 wins between them this season. 

There are some questions on the homefront here in Arizona, such as will Brett Favre really play this week?  Can the Cardinals score at will on the Jets like the Chargers did this past Monday?  The Jets say that Favre is going to give it a go on his sprained ankle, however, listening to reports on the radio this morning, it sounded a bit skeptical.  I think he will play.

The Cardinals should be able to move the ball on the Jets.  I don’t think they will score 48 like the Chargers did, but if they can get at least 28 points in New York, they should win.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen