Quotes of the Week


I came across several great quotes this week in regards to both the Cardinals and the NFL.

One hot topic continues to be the blown call from referee Ed Hochuli, a very good referee I might add, here from the valley, last week in the San Diego/Denver game.

Dan Bickley from the Arizona Republic questioned the technology of instant replay and the ridiculous aftermath of the Hochuli incident. . . . “The guy thought a fumble was a forward pass, and we’re acting like he’s a drunkard with a suspended license speeding through a school zone at recess?”

For those interested in an early look at this weekend’s opponent, Brett Favre and the New York Jets loom ahead for the Cardinals.  That is, the tired, and apparently old Brett Favre.

Vic Carucci from NFL.com doesn’t see a bright future for Brett Favre. . . . “Frankly, Favre looked much more than a year older than he was during that MVP-quality season in 2007. For the most part, he played the role of dinner for a Charger defensive front that generally got the better of him, especially when the game was close.”

It’s nice to also see how the Arizona Cardinals continue to feel the love from former players who many times seem to leave and then find time to rip the Cardinals and the writers who find solace in bashing the state of football in Arizona.

Greg Bishop of the New York Times interviewed former Arizona Cardinal Defensive End Calvin Pace in anticipation of this week’s game against his former mates.  In the piece, Bishop says. . . . “this off-season, Pace escaped the heat of football purgatory in Arizona.”

Well we may be football purgatory to Mr. Bishop, however the best line of the last couple of days comes from our friend over at Riggo’s Rag, the Washington Redskins blog in the Fansided Network.

David Wagner from Riggo’s Rag said it best when discussing the Redskins win over the Cardinals. .  “What a nice, professional football win against a good team.”

Go Cards!

Scott Allen