Bye-Week Thoughts From The Desert


As you know the Arizona Cardinals are off this week.  They are practicing today, definitely off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  According to Darren Urban from, they may be given the day off tomorrow as well by coach Whisenhunt.  So, with the time off, it gave me time to provide my thoughts on a few other subjects.

Adam “Pacman” Jones is an idiot. Here is a guy who was given every chance to straighten up his image and remain in the NFL.  Commissioner Roger Goodell really was given no choice.  Come four weeks from now, I really can’t see him reinstating Jones.  I think we may have seen the last of Jones in the NFL.  The NFL’s loss will be the CFL’s gain.  Go Canada!

No way Tony Gonzalez was getting traded.  The Kansas City Chiefs claimed they attempted to trade the disgruntled tight end to several teams, including your Arizona Cardinals.  He’s 32 and not getting any younger.  I don’t know what the Chiefs were asking for in return, but my guess it was too much for a player that really would help several teams out.  The Green Bay Packers for instance, were asked to give up a second rounder.  That might be too high a price, even for Gonzalez at this stage of his career.

Speaking of the Green Bay Packers, I really like Aaron Rodgers.  Not only is he my starter on my fantasy team, which is beside the point.  They went to Seattle and really put it to the Seahawks.  I realize Seattle didn’t have Hasselback.  So what?  Seattle is a tough place to play.  Ask Kurt Warner.  Didn’t he throw like 14 interceptions there last season?  Please go to for more inside information on the men from titletown.

Bubba the Love Sponge just locked in Phoenix as a tour stop in 2009.  Music to my ears!  If you want great, entertaining, radio chat, go to Sirius channel 101 Monday-Thursday from 12-4pm and Friday’s from 7-11 am.  As part of Howard Stern’s channels on Sirius, he is without a doubt the best thing to come to Sirius along with Howard himself.  I, for one, really hope he is able to sign a new contract with Sirius soon.  They need to lock up Bubba, Brent, Spice, and the rest of the crew as quickly as possible.

Now, speaking of Howard Stern, congrats on your marriage!  Howard on the way in to work in the morning and Bubba on the way home.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

Detroit Lions are a mess.  The 0-5 Lions just lost Jon Kitna for the season.  Now they must rely on Dan Orlovsky and/or Drew Stanton.  Wow.  Cincinnati and St. Louis may win more games than these guys.  They also just gave up Roy Williams to Dallas.  Good times in the Motor City.

Where is the NFL represented on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice? The NBA’s Dennis Rodman and the LPGA’s Natalie Gulbis are in.  Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp, and Jason Taylor were all on Dancing with the Stars.  C’mon, show your brains and not your moves!  Steve Young would be a great addition.

More thoughts later – it’s a long two weeks till Carolina!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen