All Quiet on The Cardinals Front


Its the eve of the bye Sunday for the Cardinals.  This is the only weekend of the NFL season where I’m not getting all geared up and excited about a game tomorrow.  I will stop short of saying I’m bored, cause the NFL is great and there are a few great matchups out there, but it’s just not the same without the Cards.

Kurt Warner is spending the weekend at home with his seven kids and his wife.  Seven kids?  Really?  How does he make the time to have such an important job and help run a household?  He’s like the Sarah Palin of the NFL. Ok, not that bad, but seriously, that’s a lot.

Speaking of, I can’t wait to see her in action tonight on Saturday Night Live. What a train wreck I’m sure that will be.

A few other thoughts on the NFC West tomorrow, as the rest of the division is in action on Sunday.

St. Louis is at home against the Dallas Cowboys. This game has a multitude of sub plots.  Will Tony Romo play?  According to Jerry Jones he is.  Will the absence of Felix Jones hurt the running game?  Will the absence of Adam Jones be a distraction?  Can the Rams start a winning streak…ha ha oh wait, sorry, scratch that last one.  I was on a roll, please forgive me.  Will Roy Williams take receptions away from Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton.  Yep.  Dallas rolls 35-21 and that’s even after Romo plays and leaves the game early.

San Francisco heads east to play the New York Giants.  New York is coming off their worst game of the season after losing on Monday night to Cleveland.  Even if Plaxico Burress called out “sick” due to a “family emergency”, the Giants would still roll.  Eli Manning gets better in a hurry and crushes the 49ers 41-14.

Seattle plays on Sunday night in Tampa Bay.  NBC should apologize for not starting their “Flex” package yet.  Unfortunately that doesn’t start until week 12.  Too bad for the rest of the country.  IndianapolisGreen Bay would have looked a lot better.  Seneca Wallace starts for Seattle.  This will be funny, but you would be better served by spending your comic dollar Sunday night by going to Laughs Comedy Spot on Sunday night in Kirkland and seeing Rebecca Corry from NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Tampa wins 31-13.

This could be a great week to pick up a game on everyone.  If I were a betting man, and trust me, ask my wife, I am, I would say by this time tomorrow night, the Cardinals will have a 2 1/2 game lead on San Francisco and 3 games on Seattle and St. Louis.  Music to my ears.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen