Awards That Need To Be Given Out


There is so much going on in the world of football and Fan Sided blogging I had to get a few thoughts in on what is going on around the league.  That being said, here are my NFL awards for the week:

The “Don’t hit me, I’ll hit you” award: Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs.  This guy definitely has a problem.  Isn’t this like the 14th time he has hit a woman after night clubbing?  It is sad to see all that talent wasted, but if the NFL doesn’t suspend him for his most recent actions, well then someone must have locked Roger Goodell in a closet, because you can count on it happening.

The “Rehab is Too Late To Save My Career” awardAdam Jones, Dallas Cowboys. He’s had more chances than the Monopoly Man.  A good player who has probably seen his last day in the NFL.  Boo Hoo.

The “How in The Hell Do I have This Team at 6-0” award: Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans. I just don’t understand how he still has a job and how this team is 6-0.  Ok, sure, they crushed Kansas City yesterday.  Let’s get serious though, the Cardinals third stringers could crush the Chiefs.  LenDale White is a monster and the defense if great, but I get more excited wiping my 16 month’s old behind than I do watching Collins quarterback this team.

The “Dumbest Move That Needs to be Disallowed by the NFL” award: Every coach who ever called timeout, and I’m talking to you Ken Whisenhunt and Tom Cable, to ice a kicker right before the game tying or game winning kick.  Ugghhh….I hate this play.  In the past two weeks, the so-called Mike Shannahan move, is the worst call that is still allowed by the NFL.  Ken Whisenhunt did it last week.  Nick Folk misses a field goal.  Oh, oops, timeout was called and Folk drills the second chance to take the game to overtime.  Same thing happened in Oakland yesterday.  Jay Feely clanks the goal post on the first try.  Oh wait, Cable called timeout first and BOOM!  He nailed the second chance.  I know what the intent of calling the timeout is for, but it NEVER works.  So STOP!  Drives me nuts.