Edge Growing Cranky


Cards running back Edgerrin James all of a sudden pipes up in the past couple of days and says he is unhappy with how his role has developed so far this season.  On the surface, I get what he is saying and realize that it must be tough for him to sit back and not only watch his number of carries diminish, but also his overall playing time to heir apparent Tim Hightower.

However if you take a closer look at the situation, I’m not sure why Edge is now coming out and speaking his mind.  He certainly has every right, but the timing it a little suspicious to me.  He had all week last week during the Cardinals bye week to shed light on his feelings.  Sure his carries were lower two weeks ago against Dallas, carrying the ball only 9 times.  He did carry the ball 21 times in the previous game against the Bills.  He only managed 57 yards in those 21 carries though.

In the Dallas game, he should look at game situation.  First of all, Dallas is pretty good against the run.  Secondly, the Cardinals are really set up to be a pass first team, no matter how much Ken Whisenhunt wants to change that.  Edge should have realized this from day one.  Hightower has played well, and deserves some of the load at this point.

C’mon Edge.  We love you.  Don’t get so down.  You will be an integral part of the run to the playoffs.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen