Same Old Cardinals


Yep – until this freakin team can figure out how to get their heads out of their assess on the road, this team will NEVER, and I mean NEVER will make the playoffs.  I’m almost afraid this team will back into the playoffs because the NFC West as a whole is so stinkin rotten, it makes dog crap smell like a delicacy.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a more frustrating loss than I’ve seen today.  I have a ton of reasons why this team lost and there will be hundreds if not thousands of people that will say they told me so.  Everyone is right, yes you in Dallas, yes you in Philly, yes you in St. Louis, yes you in Toledo or wherever the hell else people chime in – I should remember all of them because let’s face it, like 2 people read this blog anyways.

Here are reasons why the Cards lost today:

They can’t run the ball.  Their best rush of the day was 30 yards and that was by their RECEIVER!

They allow things to get away from them quickly when mistakes happen

Edgerrin James is a complete waste of space.  Complain all you want Edge.  When you can’t hang onto the ball with your 3 carries you get a game now, you don’t deserve to get the ball

Kurt Warner gets flustered when the pocket closes in on him.  Another fumble by Warner today and then a ridiculous interception inside the red zone.

Play calling.  Whoever decided the fake field goal was a great idea should be shot, mutliated, then fired.

Special teams.  Dirk Johnson can’t hold onto a freakin football for an extra point?  Cut his ass.

Jerame Tuman, Jerheme Urban, I can’t keep track which spelling goes with what name.  All I know is FOX broadcasters don’t have a damn clue either.  Brian Baldinger is an idiot.  He calls Jerheme Urban , Jerame Tuman.  Then Matt Versergian says a few minutes later that the Cardinals had not won a road game yet this season.  Hmmm….I do believe they won the season opener in San Francisco.  That by the way, will be the only road victory this season.  My prediction – the Cardinals will finish 8-8 at best, and the Rams will beat them twice because all Marc Bulger has to do is throw to a tight end or Donnie Avery.  The Cardinals secondary is for crap. Rams will finish 8-8 and win the division by virtue of the head to head with the Cards.

Let’s face it.  The Cardinals were lucky to beat Dallas.  They shot themselves so many times in that game that one blocked punt masked the fact that the Cardinals almost, and should have, lost that game.  The Cards can’t tackle, they can’t run.  There are two things they are great at – turning the ball over and making mental mistakes.

If Deuce Latui has one more penalty this season for illegal man downfield, he should be pulled from the game immediately, cut from the team, and be told to find his own way home.  No excuse for that penalty to continue.  It’s a cancer much like the Leonard Davis false start days.

I hate to say it fans (or fan – might only have one reader today, so don’t worry, I’ll have your cash ready later), but the Cards are who we thought they were.