Week 9 Predictions


We have reached the halfway mark of the season, so now it’s time for the contenders to step up and the pretenders to start planning for 2009.  For the rest of the season, I will provide a prediction on each game of the week.   Your Arizona Cardinals will be in a separate preview.  You always save the best for last you know!

5 Star Can’t Miss Games

Green Bay – TennesseeAaron Rodgers goes to the Music City with a new contract extension and will try to do something seven others haven’t been able to so far this season – beat Tennessee.  I love what Rodgers brings to the table and I’ve not been too confident about Tennessee’s offense, however, after last Monday night against Indianapolis, I now realize the Titans are for real and we’d be better off trying to Remember these Titans when it comes to post season accolades.  Tennessee 23  Green Bay 14

Dallas – New York Giants: Normally I’d say pass on the Cowboys, however the Giants have clearly been the cream of the crop of the NFC so far.  This is also a chance for all of us to watch Dallas’s season implode right before our eyes.  Cowboys quarterback Brad Johnson gets another start.  This will most likely be a disaster from the start for the Cowboys.  Giants 34  Dallas 17

4 Star Try To Adjust Your Schedule Games

New England – Indianapolis: This used to be a 5 star game, however with Tom Brady out and Peyton Manning having a down year according to his standards, this game doesn’t have the marquee value as it has had in the past.  It is still a good game with some good sub-plots.  Can Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel go on the road and win a big game like this?  Can Peyton Manning regain his form?  If Indianapolis loses this game, they drop to 3-5 and will find it very difficult to even make the playoffs as a wildcard.  I think they pull through.  Indianapolis 24  New England 20

Pittsburgh – Washington:  Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell has been a great leader for his team up to this point.  He seems to have adapted to Jim Zorn’s offense.  They struggled against Detroit last week, but they still won and that’s all that counts.  Pittsburgh needs to find some offense, but with Willie Parker missing, it has provided to be difficult.  Washington would seem to get an edge for being at home, although it is hard to pick against the Steelers, especially after losing a close one to the G-Men last week.  Big Ben will pull them through.  Pittsburgh 19 Washington 8

3 Star “If I see it Great, If I Miss It Oh Well Games”

Miami – Denver:  Two teams I still can’t figure out.  Mediocre at times, very good at others.  Miami has good wins against New England and San Diego.  They lose to Baltimore and Houston.  Denver has beaten New Orleans and San Diego (although really they should have lost), but lost at home to Jacksonville and got embarrassed on Monday night a couple of weeks ago against New England.  Denver rebounds this week to take control of the AFC West.  Denver 31 Miami 13

New York Jets – Buffalo:  Could be a very interesting game.  Brett Favre usually doesn’t have two bad games in a row.  However Buffalo proves this week that they are a contender and not a pretender.  Like I said earlier, time to start seperating.  Besides, Lee Evans is as unstoppable as any other great receiver in the league.  Buffalo 26  Jets 10

2 Star “For the Die-Harders” Games

Atlanta – Oakland: Falcons too good and Oakland is not.  Enough said.  Falcons 35 Raiders 14

Detroit – Chicago: The Bears are still a fun team to watch.  Detroit, not so much.  Bears 42  Lions 17

Houston – Minnesota: Matt Schaub tries to get the Texans 4 wins in a row.  Not today.  Vikings 18 Texans 14

Baltimore – Cleveland: Browns quarterback Derek Anderson is pulling out of the early season funk.  Browns 21 Ravens 16

1 Star “You’d Have a Better Time Reading Crap from The Landry Hat” Games

Philadelphia – Seattle:  No Hasselback again.  Seneca wins at home though.  Seahawks 28 Eagles 24

Jacksonville – Cincinnati: One-sided affair.  Cincy has no chance.  Jags 49 Bengals 10

Tampa Bay – Kansas City: Just a prediction, boring game.  Bucs 9 Chiefs 7

Scott Allen