Halftime Special: The Movie That Won’t Stop Playing


Well, it’s halftime folks.  I wish people would start listening to me.  These Cardinals couldn’t have been put on a higher pedastal by ESPN prior to the game.  Although I’ve predicted a Cardinals victory, I’ve been telling people left and right I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cardinals serve up some misuces on the way to possibly another embarrassing loss.  Well, task halfway accomplished.  The Cards are down 21-13 at halftime in a game that got off to the wrong start.

Some other reasons why we are behind:

* Will someone tell Ken Whisenhunt and Todd Haley to stop calling terrible offensive plays on 3rd down? The run up the middle with Boldin on third and 7 was a ridiculous call.  They were obviously set on kicking a field goal.

* Deuce Lutui “the Drive Killer” is back at it again.  Another flase start by the two handed wonder from the University of Crap, uh I mean University of Southern California.

* How you let Allen Rossum score on the opening kickoff is beyond me.

* Karlos Dansby and the rest of the team need to figure out that you use two hands to tackle – not your friggin shoulders.

I say the Cards are lucky to only be down by 8.  Unless things turn quick, it will yet be another disappointment for a franchise chalk full of them.  Oh and by the way – leave Edgerrin James on the bench.  He’s become worthless it seems.  Too bad.