The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Taking one last review of Monday night’s game against San Francisco, the Cardinals showed a little bit of everything.

The Ugly:

Giving up an opening kickoff return for touchdown.  The worst way to start a game.  Think someone in Dallas had the God’s working for them Monday night?  They absolutely need to shore that up before they get to Seattle.

Not running the clock out in the 4th quarter.  If not for the horrendous call on the three yardline and give the ball to Michael Robinson, we might be talking about a loss and all the reasons why the Cardinals decided to give Tim Hightower the ball on third down instead of passing it for a first down and running out the clock.

Team Rushing.  I don’t think the team needs to find an exact balance between rushing and passing because this team’s strength is clearly in the passing game.  However, you do need to have your starting running back do better than 13 carries for 22 yards.  Not acceptable.

The Bad:

The need to score touchdowns instead of field goals.  It looked like the Cards on at least two of their three field goals, they were more than content coming up with that result.  The only time they looked like they really were trying to punch it in the end zone was on the first drive, trying to answer the opening kickoff return for touchdown.

Karlos Dansby’s personal foul penalty on San Francisco’s final drive.  When are these guys going to learn that it’s ok to be aggressive, however they need to learn how to keep their heads in the game and realize the situation at hand.

The Good:

A win is a win, right?  No matter how you cut it, this team is 6-3 and heading to Seattle with a four game lead with seven to play.  A loss does not decimate this team this week, but a win clearly creates a situation where anything but a miracle will keep the Cardinals from winning the NFC West.

The passing game continues to flourish under Kurt Warner.  Another 300 yard plus performance and more importantly – no turnovers!

The defense bent but didn’t break.  It was close, but the defense had the goal line stand at the end of the game.  Sure, it was Robinson carrying the ball instead of Frank Gore, however they still had to make the stop to avoid another Monday Night disaster.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen