Rosenpuss Asks For Edge’s Release


Yep, Super Duper Ass Agent Drew Rosenhaus is at it again.  He has asked that the Cardinals release his client, Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James.

Apparently the request was made two weeks ago and was denied.  Good.

Listen, I get that Rosenhaus and Edge don’t want to see Edge sit on the sidelines.  He is a competitor and wants to play.  However, you can’t tell me he didn’t see the writing on the wall when they drafted Tim Hightower.  Edge was still the starter for the first 7 games.  However, Hightower was given his chance and has proven more valuable to the Cards on the field right now.  The running game hasn’t improved that much and there is still a chance of Hightower getting injured, so the Cards should hold on to him right now, no matter how much he is getting paid.

Edge isn’t able to move a pile like he used to.  He doesn’t out manuver anyone.  He doesn’t have lightning quick speed.  Neither does Hightower, but his legs are 10 years younger and he and J.J. Arrington can burst through open holes quicker than Edge.  I like Edge’s leadership in mentoring Hightower.  I like having him there in case something does happen.  I like the fact he hasn’t created a distraction, so why does Rosendouche need to pipe up now?  He isn’t concerned about his client.  He is concerned about his bottom line.  The Cards will most likely grant his request to be release after the season is over, no doubt.  So Rosencrack should just let it go.  He obviously didn’t learn his lesson in the Anquan Boldin situation this past August.  The Cards will not give in to him.  Go back to your treehouse Rosenturd.

Scott Allen