Reflecting on Pro Bowl Selections


Two days before the Cardinals face New England in what is now a very important game for the Patriots, I sit here and reflect on the Cardinals Pro Bowl players.

Sean Morey – What a story this guy has been.  Kent Somers from The Arizona Republic wrote a great piece in today’s edition, posted here on Of course we all know him best from his game winning punt block against the Dallas Cowboys back in October.  He has been through so much to get to where he is now.  My kind of player.

Larry Fitzgerald – What can you say.  He can leap tall buildings (or players), tip toe sidelines, and grab the most impossible balls.  He is most deserving of his selection.

Anquan Boldin – for a man who didn’t want to be here in 2008, he sure has done a lot to help the Cardinals win the division.  He leads the league in touchdown receptions.  Although he has had a case of the dropsies the past three weeks, overall he has still proven that his value is much more than even the greatest supporters believe.

Kurt Warner – the old man.  He sure doesn’t play like he is 37.  He has had a couple of down weeks recently, he still has proven he can play and if he wants it, the starting job is his to lose in 2009.

Adrian Wilson – the man who gets more fines for non-calls in games.  He hits hard, he hits often.  Oh and he can cover you.  He has had a couple of questionable calls go against him.  I don’t know how much differently you can coach a guy to play and hit hard and play within the rules, which according to my interpretation, he does.  Without him, this defense would have given up a lot more than it already has.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen