Boldin Likely to Play on Sunday


Amazing how the injured heal quicker when your team is in the midst of an end of the season swoon.

Anquan Boldin, who we were told would most likely sit the last two games in order to rest his injury up for the playoffs, is now a likely candidate to take the field on Sunday in the regular season finale against Seattle.

I suspect losing 47-7 to New England and Warner throwing for 30 yards had a little something to do with that.  Also, the Cards need some kind, any kind, of momentum heading into the playoffs.  The running game is now officially dead as attempts to resurrect it have failed miserably.  Why not get your bread and butter going before Atlanta, Carolina, or possibly Dallas come to town on Jan 3rd or 4th?

Hopefully it doesn’t further damage what the Cardinals have been trying to protect with Quan, although at this point, they need a spark from wherever they can get it.  9-7 looks a lot better than 8-8 heading into the second season.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen