Gameday: Arizona @ Carolina


Here we are finally, it’s gameday!!

It is quite possibly the most important day in this franchise’s history.  The Arizona Cardinals are in Charlotte to face the Carolina Panthers this evening at 6:15pm.  The game is on Fox 10.

I’ve chronicled my thoughts this week about how the Cardinals continue to not gain any respect throughout the country.  I won’t say much more on that subject.  However, the only way the Cardinals are going to be able to erase doubters is to go and win.  Playing them close will quiet some, but it won’t be enough.  Now the Cardinals may come out and play their best and that won’t be enough either to win this game.  Time will tell.

Obviously the Cards need to continue using a balanced attack and by saying balanced I mean like 67 percent passing and 33 percent running.  That’s about as balanced as you can expect the Cards to get.  It worked last week against Atlanta.  We’ll see what Carolina’s defense will bring, but I suspect it will be much tougher in a hostile environment at Bank of America Stadium.

"“The difference between a successful person and others is not the lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi"

Do the Cardinals have the will to vault themselves to the next level or is it too soon?  I’m going to say the Cardinals time is now.  They played Carolina close and should have won back in October.  That means nothing come tonight, but it certainly sets an expectation that the Cardinals can play with the Panthers.  They’ve said all the right things this week.  Now let’s watch them go out and do the right things.

Cardinals 31 Panthers 30

Go Cardinals!!!!

Scott Allen