Eagles vs. Cardinals: What They Are Saying Tuesday


The talk towards the NFC Championship marches on today in what so far has become one of the most talked about championship games in recent memory.

Charean Williams of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says he is done picking against the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, it is nice to hear.  It’s just disappointing that it took not one, but two playoff victories to do it.  That same sentiment is being heard in many places.  Don’t tell that to the Cardinals though.  They’d rather you continue to doubt them.

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News says Arizona’s presence in the NFC Championship game means fewer people will be watching.

Wow.  There’s a news flash.  I was just waiting for someone to bring it up.  It only took two days.  Raissman goes on to talk how the Cards have no celebrity intrigue.  Last time I checked, no matter who was in this game, it would still be played and will still be on FOX.  They can wish for whatever match up they want, however, no level of writing or complaining about it will discontinue the game, so why mention it?

Jim Carlisle of the Ventura County (CA) Star says the Cards must be the recipient of divine intervention.

Look, I get that people can’t seem to believe the Cards won this game on their own.  Although I’ve said this seems surreal to me, I know the Cards are in the position they are in because of hard work and attitude.  I am a firm believe in everything happens for a reason, however, is it really that tough to believe a professional football team, even if it is the Cardinals, can go out and play to the abilities they were given?

I know this is hard for some people to believe, but the Cardinals are a good football team.  Are they great? Not yet.  Of course a great team doesn’t go and get blown out on the east coast three times like they did this season or lose four of their last six games.  However they have figured it out.  They have learned what it takes to win games that matter.  Win or lose this Sunday, the Cardinals have proven they know what it takes to be a winner.  They haven’t bought into the negative press that has followed them, rather they have taken that as a motivator over the past two weeks and plan on doing more of the same this weekend to the favored Philadelphia Eagles.

Go Cardinals!!!

Scott Allen