Eagles vs. Cardinals: What They Are Saying Wednesday


Now only four days away and the talk around this game only seems to be increasing.  I’ve heard from some very nice Philadelphia Eagles fans and I’ve received a couple of not so nice comments.  Can’t please everyone.  Let fans say what they want, that’s why this blog exists.  Now, let’s take a look at what others are saying today.

Ike Reese of 610 WIP Sports in Philadelphia said on ESPN’s First Take this morning that Brian Westbrook is going to have a “breakout game” and doesn’t expect the Arizona defense to be able to hold him down.

I agree that Westbrook has the potential to have a good game.  After all, he ran all over the Cardinals on Thanksgiving night.  Westbrook has not had that type of game since then.  Arizona’s defense for two weeks straight has stopped two of the leagues best running teams.  I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Cardinals defense.

Amar’e Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns chimed in on ESPN’s First Take this morning as well about the Cardinals.  He said he has “the Cardinals winning by 10”.

Well that is a bold pick, but finally someone willing to take the Cardinals publicly,  even if it is from a Phoenix Sun.  I am taking the Cardinals no doubt, but 10 points is a bold prediction.  Go Amar’e!

John Gonzalez of The Philadelphia Inquirer says the Cardinals have a bunch of bandwagon jumpers, going on to say that seven misrepresents the number of loyal Cardinals backers out there and even that number may be too high.

Really John?  Maybe you should try coming out and spending some time in this town.  This team has many die hard fans.  What you have is a lot of people who weren’t willing to admit it for a long time.  I’ve had no problem claiming my die-hard status since 1988.  Granted, there probably have been some bandwagon jumpers, but in all honesty, who cares?  At least the fans are here now and it is very exciting to see.

Sam Farmer from The Los Angeles Times says that Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley draws up plays while on long charter flights, including the 41 yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald in the first quarter of the Carolina game when they were down 7-0.  He says the Cardinals are hoping for another brainstorm session in the sky, which would mean a trip to Tampa for the Super Bowl.

A great piece detainling Haley’s process of the play from drawing board to execution of the play that seemed to propel the Cardinals offense last Saturday.  It would be great for the Cardinals to come up with one more in-flight brainstorm session, don’t you think?

Go Cardinals!

Scott Allen