Warner vs. McNabb for Hall of Fame


ESPN is going to tackle the issue of who is currently better suited for the Hall of Fame, Kurt Warner or Donovan McNabb.  I’ll be interested in seeing that comparison.

I think eventually they both get there, espeically if McNabb defeats the Cardinals Sunday and goes on to win the Super Bowl.  Right now though, I think Warner will get there.

Kurt Warner has taken his team to the Super Bowl twice, and with a win Sunday against the Eagles, will take his third team.  He has won one of two times in the big game so far.  He has a league MVP, and Super Bowl MVP in his resume.  He was still competing a the highest level an NFL quarterback can, at the age of 37.  He looks like he could go another two-three years.  He was under consideration for this years’ MVP before the December swoon.

Warner has the offensive number worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.  A lot of people thought he was done and washed up after a brief stint with the New York Giants.  He was the starter when he first joined the Cards and then when Matt Leinart was drafted, Warner was relegated to backup status.  Since Matt Leinart’s injury in October 2007, Warner has been the guy and kept the starting job despite an off-season committment to Leinart as the starter.  Warner revived this franchise in 2008.  He is a leader on and off the field and when you combine that with his numbers, he is Hall of Fame worthy.

Donovan McNabb has shown over the past two months he is worthy as well.  He brought an Eagles team back from the depths of the NFC East cellar to a wild-card birth and has taken his team on the road for two playoff victories and now possibly a third.  He has one Super Bowl appearance in his resume.  He is in his 10th season and with his career appearing to be at a cross roads after his benching against the Baltimore Ravens, he has come back and shown he can almost will his team to victory.  He, like Warner is a proven leader on and off the field.  One message though to McNabb before the Hall comes calling.  Please learn the rulebook.  There are ties in regular season.  Don’t worry though, this week will not end in one.

Scott Allen