Will There Be Enough Room For Eagles Fans?


So I’m hearing that hotel rooms are pretty much booked this weekend in the Phoenix area, so Eagles fans hoping to get out here for the game, assuming some aren’t here yet, may have a tough time booking rooms to stay in.

The P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon is taking place on Sunday and this is normally high tourist season to begin with. Hopefully the nice people of Philadelphia will be able to find a room. I have some ideas where they can stay if the hotels are booked.

Stay in Matt Leinart’s Guest House. This option works esepcially if you are a woman. He likes to party and unless Warner gets hurt, won’t even get a sniff of the football field.

Get a room in Flagstaff.  After all, this is the ARIZONA Cardinals.  Experience all the beautiful places this state has.  Now of course, it will be 40 during the day and 20 at night, however that should have Eagles fans feeling right at home.  Just don’t forget, make sure to leave Flagstaff by noon.  It is at least a one hour drive from Flagstaff to Glendale.  You should get there in plenty of time.  Hehe

Find a Cardinals fan to take you in.  This might be your last resort option, but I’m sure for a fair price and some work around the house, someone will be willing to take you in.  We are very kind people.

Seriously though, I do hope everyone coming out is able to find a place to stay.  Just, I am hoping you get lost on your way to the stadium.  No harm in hoping for that is there?

Go Cardinals!

Scott Allen