The Morning After


Sure enough, many people are talking Super Bowl this morning after many feel the Cardinals shocked the world to make it to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa.  The feeling is unreal, however not shocking as I did predict Cardinals victory in all three games.  Of course not everyone had it that way and now are trying to make heads or tails of this unbelievable story.

Drew Sharp from the Detroit Free Press asks now that the Cardinals have risen up from despair, why not the Lions?

Norman Chad from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says that in a 48-hour period, America will change forever with the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl and Barack Obama going to the White House.

Dave “Large” Larzelere from The Sporting Blog says that the Cardinals victory is marred by a bad call at the end of the game against the Eagles.

Ok, I have to chime in on this one.  Listen, Dave, I get you are a Philly fan and that if that “possible” pass interference call was made at the end of the game on 4th and 10, the outcome could have been different, but seriously, just get over it!  That call, at that point in the game, no matter the team or game locale, will never, ever, be made.  Period.  Referees more and more do not want to be the factor in the outcome of a game that big.  Unless it is a blatent penalty, which this was not, as replays do show Kevin Curtis already starting to fall to the ground to catch the ball, that call at that time will just not be called.  Granted, it was close.  However if it is that close at that point in a big game, more often than not, referees will let them play.  So Dave, move on.  You lost.

Ken Fidlin of the Edmonton (Canada) Sun says that the Cardinals victory on Sunday gives hope to hard-luck franchises everywhere.

Matt Eagen from the Hartford Courant says that Kurt Warner played his way into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, however he also thinks the referees missed a “blatent” pass interference call at the end of the game.  Aww…Matt, c’mon.

Richard Obert from The Arizona Republic says it was the Cards defense that sealed the deal on Sunday.

Nancy Gay from the San Francisco Chronicle says that the Earth has not quite spun off its axis yet, but believe it, the Cards are in the Super Bowl.

Rebecca Williams from the Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun details Cardinals punter Ben Graham, who was out of league just two months ago, as the first Australian to go to the Super Bowl.

A lot to be said over the next 13 days and looking forward to it all.

Go Cardinals!!!

Scott Allen