Tricks Up the Sleeve


The Cardinals have been living well keeping a balanced offensive attack over the past three games in defeating Atlanta, Carolina, and Philadelphia.  The resurgence of Edgerrin James and the rise of the star that Larry Fitzgerald wears on his chest has a lot to do with where the Cardinals are today, preparing for their first Super Bowl.

However, where do you think the Cardinals would stand today without the implementation of trick plays?

First there was the Flea Flicker in the Atlanta game.  Although not widely considered a “trick” play, it still remains as a play that you rarely see in the NFL these days.  There was the long throw it up for Fitzgerald play in the Carolina game that offensive coordinator Todd Haley drew up on the plane ride to Charlotte.  That too, not necessarily a “trick” play, however if you are drawing it up on paper during flight the night before the game, you can call it anything you want.  Then there was Warner-to-Arrington-to- Warner-to-Fitzgerald play in the Eagles game. Of course these plays illustrate the Cardinals willingness to go outside the box and do whatever it takes to catch the opponent off-guard.

It’s worked so far.

So, what do you think is in store for the Steelers come next week?  I’m sure coach Ken Whisenhunt will have a say in whatever is drawn up.  Although the Pittsburgh play book has changed since he left, he still knows the tendencies of many of the current Steelers.  I am looking forward to hearing about the quadruple reverse play that the Cardinals pull off in Tampa and how it was drawn up by crayon in the wee hours of the morning of the Super Bowl.

Let’s just hope the box of crayons include red so their is no confusion come game time.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen