Life Will Be Sweet Beating Pittsburgh (contest)


We are only 9 days away from the big game in Tampa, FloridaSuper Bowl XLIII featuring, as you know, our Arizona Cardinals vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Cardinals are in their first Super Bowl and the Steelers are in their seventh Super Bowl and have won five of the first six they participated in.   The Cardinals, as usual, are the mighty underdogs.  That rolls just fine with me as it does with the organization.  That will make beating Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl that much sweeter!

To commemorate the event, I thought what better way to gear up for the big game than having a contest!!

The fine folks at Mars Snackfood, makers of M&M’s, are teaming up with the Cardinals and the rest of the NFL to produce a line of NFL Team M&M’s which are customized with team logos and colors.  The Arizona Cardinals version is pictured above.

So, I thought, what would be sweeter than having a contest to guess the TOTAL POINTS in the Super Bowl, while also picking the winner (you are still a winner if you pick the Steelers, however, shipping will take 10-12 months haha!)

The winners will receive FIVE bags of these specially packaged M&M’s.  Winners will be contacted by me once the game is complete for address information.  I will personally send the winners these M&M’s, which have been kindly provided to me from the people at Mars.

There will be two winners of this contest.  The first one is the one closest to the total points and picks the winning team in the Super Bowl.  The second winner will be randomly drawn amongst those who submit guesses by 4pm Arizona time on Sunday February 1st, Super Bowl Sunday.  All entries should be submitted via COMMENTS to THIS POST ONLY.  Any prediction received in another post will not be accepted for purposes of this contest.

Also, now through January 30th, Cardinals fans can get 15% off by entering the code BIGGAME (all one word) in the promo box from the My M&M’s website.

So, start your guessing.  I welcome all fans to vote.  Good luck and good eating!  I smell “sweet” victory for the Cardinals.

Go Cards!!

Scott Allen