Super Bowl XLIII: One Day to Go


Only about 26 hours to go before kickoff.  Just the partying is left to do before the actual game.

Megan Finnerty, blogger for, says Wyclef Jean is a Steelers fan, however we have Jared (of Subway fame) is behind the Cardinals, although his head still says take the Steelers.

Hey, take what you can get.  His head must be dizzy though from the lack of carb and caloric intake since his “head” still says Steelers.  My head however has no issues, go Cardinals!!

Mike Sando of says that the Cardinals have made all the right moves, espeically the one in bringing Edgerrin James back to the field even after his griping of being left on the sidelines.

I agree.  I think that Edge has shown his professionalism.  I understand his unhappiness with sitting, but the Cardinals easily could have continued to sit him even after publicly talking about his situation.  The Cards stepped up and still played him, knowing what a valuable asset he is to this young team.

Most of the talk is over, but there will be a lot left to be said on the field tomorrow evening.  Can you feel the excitement building now?  I can.  I just got my free Cardinals Red Velvet cupcake at Sprinkles.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen