Waiting All Day For Sunday Night


To take a page out of NBC’s Sunday Night Football theme, I can’t wait for the game.  Just shy of 8 hours to go and all the pre-game hype has started.

The analysis is over.  We all know what both teams must do on both sides of the ball at this point in order to come away with a victory.

So, sit back and relax, although I’m not really sure I can relax.  I am pumped up already.  The emotions of the day and the magnitude of this event have already started to hit me.  For the first time, MY team is in the Super Bowl.

This game is for all those who have endured the past 20 seasons.  It is even for those loyal Cards fans from St. Louis and Chicago that stuck with the team throughout the years.  I know there are still many Cards fans in St. Louis.  Sure St. Louis had their Super Bowl win with the Rams and Kurt Warner. There are those though that maintained their allegiance to the Cards and their endurance has finally paid off.

Just ask my friend Vinnie over at ramblinfan.com. He is one of the Kurt Warner fans who has continued to be a fan even though he is a Rams backer.  He has been through a lot recently with the Rams, so I know he is watching today with excitement.  I thank him for all the kind words he has said about Warner and the talking he has done about Warner and the Cards.

So, time to go watch some more pre-game.  Right now, I’m watching the Today Show on NBC.  They are doing a piece on the Taste of the NFL.  Oh yeah, now THAT’s where it’s at!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen