2009 Arizona Cardinals Opponents


This came out back after the season ended at the end of December, however I never touched on it and I figured the best way to move on is to take a look at next year’s schedule for the Arizona Cardinals.  Although dates and times of the games won’t be announced until the schedule is released in April, here are who the Cardinals will face in 2009.

Home:  Seattle, St. Louis, San Francisco, Green Bay, Minnesota, Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis

Away:  Seattle, St. Louis, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, NY Giants, Jacksonville, Tennessee

As you can see, the schedule is a little tougher next season, but that’s what you get for winning your division.  Now they have to go out and prove they can consistently be winners.  It will most definitely be hard to get back to the Super Bowl or for the playoffs for that matter.  Only one of the past seven Super Bowl losers have even made it back to the playoffs the next season.  That one team?  The 2006 Seattle Seahawks.

Look for the Cardinals to get more national exposure next season.  My only hope is that the Cardinals pony up and give Anquan Boldin his money.  Larry Fitzgerald has even offered up some of his to keep him.  Also in question is whether Kurt Warner will retire or play somewhere else.  My guess is he either retires or returns to the Cardinals.  It is rumored the Cards want to sign him to a two year contract.  Warner will want stipulations that he is the starter.  If he retires or leaves, that leaves the Cards with Matt Leinart.  I hope he’s learned a thing or two watching Warner this season.

Look for the Cardinals to see some face time on NBC Sunday Night Football next season in addition to ESPN Monday Night Football.  I think it’s a good bet the NY Giants, Indianapolis, Carolina, or Tennessee games will end up on national television.

I can’t wait to see the schedule in April!

Scott Allen