Cardinals Rally


The Arizona Cardinals have arrived back in Phoenix.

A rally at the airport has brought out an estimated 3,000-7,000 people.  I’ve got to say, I’m kind of glad I didn’t go out to all that mess.  A little disappointing that more people didn’t speak from the team.

Only Team President Michael Bidwill, coach Ken Whisenhunt, and quarterback Kurt Warner made comments.  Receiver Larry Fitzgerald said two words as if it was an afterthought and walked to the bus.

Look, I realize the team just traveled across country and they lost in deflating fashion, but they owe it to all the fans that came out.  Some were out on the airport tarmac for two hours or more.  They came off the plane and most went right to the buses.  Not many even raised their hands and waived to the fans.  In fact the only person that was seen waiving coming off the plane was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Good for her!  Thank you Governor!

I’m very happy to see all the fans out there today.  I hope the team realizes they should have said more today to the people that got off work early to come out to see them.  This is the only planned team celebration.

It’s a bummer we lost.  I know.  I still feel the sting and it can’t be nearly close to what the team is feeling, but even though it is only 20 hours removed from the loss, it is time to realize it is time to move on.  Take some time to relax and then prepare for next season.  As we all know, there is no more “off-season” in the NFL.

The Pro Bowl is next Sunday and then the combines.  Before you know it, the draft will be here.  Thank you Cardinals for a memorable season!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen