Cards in the News


You would think now that the season is over, there would be nothing to talk about.  Think again.  Like I’ve said before, there is no off-season anymore, so the wheels keep running in the NFL.  That being said, the Cardinals continue to make headlines the week after the Super Bowl.

As reported last night, Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley has accepted the head coaching job with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Today the Chiefs made it official and he was introduced as their next head coach. 

Good for him.  He deserves it.  he bigger issue now is that the Cardinals must go find themselves a new offensive coordinator.  Hopefully they either promote within or find someone who can gel and not disrupt the current flow of the Cards offense.  I think Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt will get the right man.

After further review, Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett has been awarded a third sack from Sunday’s Super Bowl.  A play in the first quarter initially ruled as no gain is now being ruled as a sack for Dockett.  That ties the Super Bowl record held by the late Reggie White.

Dockett was a monster and was a presence on almost every play in Sunday’s game.  He proved his value and I am really impressed with the way he matured this season over the 2007 campaign.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen