Fitzgerald Pro Bowl MVP


The AFC-NFC Pro Bowl was played today in Honolulu and Larry Fitzgerald one again proved why he is considered the best and why I consider him the best.  Catching 5 passes for 81 yards and two great touchdown catches, Fitzgerald was named the Pro Bowl MVP.

Not that this should come as any surprise to anyone.  Fitz had a spectacular catch for TD from  New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Cardinals and NFC starting quarterback Kurt Warner made a token appearance by only playing in the first drive of the game.  I suppose we should give thanks he didn’t come up with an excuse to not show up at all.  That would have been easy considering he was just coming off the Super Bowl in Tampa one week ago.  Of course he dodged the question we all want the answer to, which is is he going to return next season or retire?  I didn’t expect him to add anything new there. Let’s just wait it out.

Scott Allen