Next Hire: Big Play Coordinator


Ok, so let me get this straight.  Instead of an “offensive coordinator”, which the Cardinals still plan on hiring, the Cardinals today hired a “passing game coordinator” and a “running game coordinator”.  What the heck is that?  It sounds like way too much going on there.  I’ve never heard of split coordinator jobs like that before.

I will say this, Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt must know what he is doing.  I will trust the way he is doing things until I question it midway through next season if the Cardinals are struggling.

The Cardinals are moving fast like they said, which is important as the off season continues and we move closer to the draft and mini camps.

So, I say hire a “big play coordinator”.  His only job is to design big plays such as the ones the Cards drew up in the playoffs.  His job is to design about 5-10 a week and then decide which ones to use in the game.  Why not?  I always did better in class with smaller teacher-student ratios.  Why can’t we apply the same to player-coach ratios?

Scott Allen