Warner Makes Offer To Cardinals


The Kurt Warner saga continues.  Today Warner counter offered the Cardinals by offering $23million for 2 years.  As part of that offer though, $12 million is guaranteed, $6 million for each year of the contract.  Also, if the Cardinals extend Anquan Boldin, he’ll donate $1 million per year of that deal to Quan. Wow, well Warner clearly is doing what he can to stay.  He was reportedly offered more money in San Francisco, however, the offer made today tells me his first choice is still Arizona.  Are the Cardinals brass listening?

The topic has been a hot one on local radio sports shows, on the internet, and at the water cooler.  It really is amazing to hear the mixed feelings amongst Cardinal and NFL fans. There are several camps of fans.

The first is the “Let-Kurt-Warner-go-he-is-too-old-not-worth-the money” camp.  This camp should be disbanded. Not only is this group of fans ignorant, they obviously didn’t watch a second of the 2008 season or playoffs.

The next group is the “Matt-Leinart-is-ready-let-Warner-go” camp.  Hey I too think Matt Leinart is ready to lead a team.  He just isn’t Super Bowl ready like Warner is.  It is hard to repeat even winning your division, no doubt.  However, right now, Warner gives them the best chance for 2009.

One of my favorites is the “The Cardinals only finished 9-7 in a weak NFC West and it was the defense that won the playoff games so let Warner go” camp.  My My.  See camp number one.  This group falls under that umbrella as well.  Here I thought all Cards fans were smarter than that.

However the overwhelming camp I heard on a couple of local shows today was the “Pay the man” camp.  Here here!  I’m not saying give away the bank or the franchise, but you have to be willing to meet the man halfway.  It sounds like Warner has done his half.  Where are the Cardinals?  If the Cardinals fail to respond to the offer Warner made today, I fear we have lost him to the Niners.

As the old saying goes, stay tuned.

Scott Allen