Breaking: Warner Signs With Cardinals


The wait is over.  Kurt Warner is officially back in the fold.  Warner signed a 2 year $23million contract today with the Arizona Cardinals. $19 million of that is guaranteed after receiving a $15 milloon signing bonus. 

Excellent.  It sounds like the Cardinals changed their stance and realized Kurt’s value to this organization.  This contract likely means that Warner will retire an Arizona Cardinal.  What it also means is now I would expect Matt Leinart to pop up soon and request a trade.  I hope he doesn’t.  I realize it would be two more years as a backup.  Let’s remember though that Warner wasn’t starting in the NFL until he was 28.  Leinart has plenty of time and he has a team that still wants him. We’ll need him if something happens to Warner.  I sure hope he wants to stay. 

I commend the Cardinals for doing the right thing.  Some are going to believe the Cardinals overpaid for him.  As far as I’m concerned he’s worth every penny even if he gets hurt and never takes another snap.  He got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl and say what you want.  There were other aspects to the team that helped them get there, however without Warner’s leadership, the Cardinals would not have found themselves in Tampa on February 1st.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen