A Trip For the Troops


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald took a trip last weekend to Iraq and Kuwait to visit the troops. He was part of a four player group that went over to see the troops.

The players, which included Fitzgerald, the Vikings Jared Allen, the Giants Danny Clark, and St. Louis Rams Wil Witherspoon all went over to meet the troops, shop at the base exchange, and eat with them. They were as excited about meeting the troops as the troops were about meeting them.  Apparently though Fitzgerald had to talk Allen into going, however Allen, once there, was excited to be there.

This further confirms my belief that Fitzgerald is a class act.  He always is putting others before him.  Going into a war zone, protected or not, is still a dangerous proposition.

Way to go Fitz.  Thanks for being an Arizona Cardinal and thanks for being a role model for others.  Moments like this make me proud to be an NFL and Cardinals fan.

Scott Allen