Preseason Schedule Released


So the Arizona Cardinals will get to play the Pittsburgh Steelers after all in 2009.  It will just be preseason though.  In fact, it will be the preseason opener for both teams on Thursday August 13th.  The Cardinals will travel to Pittsburgh for a game to be televised by ESPN.

No need to hype this one up though.  I read on ESPN they are making a big thing of Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, who played college ball at Pitt, going to face the team that defeated them in the Super Bowl.  Let’s get one thing straight, it’s no big deal.  You’ll be lucky to see Warner and Fitzgerald much past the first quarter since it is game one.  Either way, it does give us something to look forward to.  I just wish the game was here.  However Pittsburgh has already visited twice since the Cards moved into the new stadium.

To round out the preseason schedule, the Cardinals will then come home to play San Diego in week two and Green Bay week three of the preseason.  Local Cheeseheads will rejoice since the Packers are also scheduled for a visit in the regular season.  In the most meaningless game of the season, preseason week four, the Cardinals will once again face the Denver Broncos.  That will mark the sixth season in a row the two teams have finished the preseason with one another.  I say let’s save some money and either cancel this game or make it for real.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen