BREAKING: Boldin Finally Traded


The day finally came.  Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin, their first round draft pick at number 31 along with two 2010 draft picks, were traded to the San Francisco 49’ers for Issac Bruce and 2 picks in the 2009 NFL draft.

Considering that Issac Bruce just decided earlier in the day to re-sign with the 49ers, this is a little bit of a shock.  However, it reunites Bruce with Kurt Warner.

"“This allows Kurt to have a reunion with one of his all time favorite receivers in Issac Bruce”, said Cardinals Vice President of Football Operations Rod Graves."

This is a move I clearly do not understand.  I’ve been playing around with my buddies in Miami and Denver over the past couple of months saying I thought that I heard Boldin was going to either one of those places.  However when I heard this news this afternoon, I just couldn’t believe it.

Trying to confirm the story was even more difficult.  The news came across a sports update on KAFD this afternoon.  I had to pull over and call my uncle in San Francisco to see if he had heard anything on that end.  Nothing on KTAR, nothing on, nothing on  However it is being reported in the bay area that this has happened.

Boldin had a tumultuou season, culminating in an on the field argument with then offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles. reported Bruce’s return to the 49ers just this afternoon.

"“We not only expect Bruce to be our number two receiver, we also had a visit from Torry Holt yesterday.  I can’t say much other than that, but you can read between the lines”,  said Graves"

It is obvious the Cardinals are trying to do everything to make Kurt Warner’s last two seasons in Arizona and the NFL as comfortable as possible.

"“I realize Bruce and Warner played together awhile ago, but with Fitz in the fold and now Bruce, along with what we have now in Breaston and then you add in other possibilities, I don’t think any other NFC team will be able to compete” , Graves said."

To read more of the transcript of this breaking story I was finally able to locate on the web, please click here.

Scott Allen