Boldin Drawing Much Interest


Arizona Cardinals (at least for today) receiver Anquan Boldin is generating quite a bit of talk about where he may be headed soon as the NFL Draft is now less than four days away.  These are the top three rumors I’ve heard, so let’s break them down.

1. Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens for a first round and third round pick plus a player, possibly Todd Heap or Willis Mcgahee.  First of all, I doubt Baltimore would be willing to deal one or both of those players.  I did hear Baltimore did not like the Cardinals offer of first and third round picks and one player.  I don’t blame them, however, teams should learn that the Cards won’t just hand Boldin over.  He has tremendous value.  Right now, the deck is stacked on the Cardinals side.

2. Boldin to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Talk about a rumor that won’t die!  Boldin has been rumored to go to Philly ever since he opened his mouth last August.  Philly has already dealt one of their first round picks.  I can’t see them parting with another or the Cardinals accepting something less.

3. Boldin to the New York Giants.  Quietly this one has been discussed.  Giants, like the Eagles, have low first round picks, so they will most likely have to part with a player or two to get a deal done.

In the end, unfortunately Boldin will be in another uniform next season.  I have low confidence a deal is done before or on draft day.  Like I said, the deck is stacked in the Cards favor, so they have the luxury of waiting for the right deal.  If by some miracle a deal can’t be completed, hey guess what?  We still got one of the best receivers in the league under contract until the end of 2010!!  That won’t be the end story though.  Let’s just hope the Cardinals are able to get fair market value in return.  Don’t mess this one up.