Rumors Swirl Around Boldin Situation


I’ve heard everything today from the Arizona Cardinals stepping up the price on Anquan Boldin, because they hold all the cards, to now the Cards, or at least Rod Graves believes, that Boldin will stay in Arizona.  Fine, I’m good with that.  Just get it over with and give him an extension.

Tomorrow will be a telling day.  It was reported by ESPN this afternoon that their sources tell them the Cardinals are willing to part with a second rounder instead of a first since they aren’t getting any takers.  However, Graves said this afternoon that they did get an offer yesterday but would not elaborate.  That tells me the Cards won’t give Boldin up for a second rounder. Calls are pouring in though according to ESPN.

Whatever happens, stay glued to the news over the next 24 hours to see what happens.  At this point, your guess is as good as mine.  This could be an interesting draft for your Cards.