NFL Draft Day One Complete


Day one of the 2009 NFL Draft is complete.  The Arizona Cardinals had one pick in each of the first two rounds.  In round one, they picked up running back Chris “Beanie” Wells from Ohio State.  In round two, they picked up outside linebacker Cody Brown out of Connecticut.  A little bit of a surprise the Cards went OLB in round two given the needs elsewhere, but it’s not a complete shock. The Cards did address the RB need in round one.

Perhaps the biggest news of the day though is that Anquan Boldin is still an Arizona Cardinal.  The fact he is tells me he may be staying, new contract or not.  He is still under contract until 2010, so the Cards have the upper hand.  My guess is other teams wanted the Cards to give up too much for too little.  Rumors swirled all day.  He was going to the Giants, Eagles, Ravens, and Jets all at some point during the day depending on which rumor you believed.

In the end, at least of day one, he is still an Arizona Cardinal though and I am just fine with that.

Tomorrow rounds three through seven will be held.  I look forward to it.