“Voluntary” OTA’s Continue


I love how these “practices” (shhhh don’t tell anyone, but please these ARE practices) are called OTA’s (organized team activities).  It is laughable, however part of the collective barganing agreement.

Let’s just call it what it is.  It’s a voluntary extended mini camp for players to start putting together a playbook for the upcoming season.

Although this is “voluntary”, most players show up because these days anything missed is a step further behind.  Of course missing from the Arizona Cardinals OTA’s for the second straight year are Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett.  Let’s go guys, get over yourselves!

Boldin and Dockett continue to cry over their contracts even though they are both currently under one.  I commend the Cardinals for sticking to their guns on this one.  Normally I’ve been critical of the Cardinals in situations like these in the past.  Times have changed though.  I have no sympathy for players who get paid millions of dollars and whine and bitch about wanting more.  Could you imagine if you or I decided one day that due to a perceived “lack of respect”, decided not to show up for work because we felt we should be paid more.  Let’s not even mention these cry babies signed a freaking contract.  I’m sick of it.  Show up or ship out I say.  Just quit.  You aren’t being traded, well, at least not without great thought.  The Cardinals aren’t giving you up for the sake of you giving up on the team.  I know this camp is voluntary, but get your assess in!  Worst thing that could happen is that you have to get some exercise.  Taking the OTA’s to its literal intent is ridiculous.  If you are at all interested in building a championship team that can contend for years, start treating your job seriously and quit this petty game playing and bickering.  Note to “Q” – if you mean the words you say that you play for fans and your teammates, come show us you do mean it.  Otherwise they are shallow words.  Just plain shallow.