Boldin to Rosenhaus: You’re Fired!


Ahhhh….don’t let the door kick you where the sun don’t shine on your way out the door.  That’s right Mr. Drew Rosenhaus – You’re fired buddy!!

Anquan Boldin fired Rosenhaus today, hopefully a move that will help something get done with a new contract or still possibly a trade.  It’s about time.  Now although Rosenhaus still represents other players on the Cardinals club, the most notably was Boldin.  Rosenhaus is widely believe to be the reason nothing has been done yet.  If nothing gets done with a new agent sometime soon, it could demonstrate that Boldin was the issue and not Rosenhaus.  We’ll see.  Boldin can’t hire a new agent for at least five days.

John Gambadoro of KTAR Sports affectionately called Rosenpuss today, “shmuck”.  Let’s hope the schmuck gets a clue and a wake up call that he can’t control everything and the player gets the last say.  Too bad more of his clients haven’t seen that light yet.  Good for you Q!