Anquan Boldin A Fan Favorite


Receiver Anquan Boldin is doing more than practicing these days.

After practice yesterday for example, he was found signing autographs for over an hour after practice had ended.  That is ‘Q for you.  He may be in the midst of a contract squabble with the Arizona Cardinals, however, that has not carried over to the football field.

He has always said he appreciates his teammates and especially the fans support.  This is a different ‘Q though than we saw last summer at training camp and I love it.  He has quickly grown into one of the most popular players, for good or bad, on this team.

I wish more players had the fans in mind.  I know its hard to go out and practice hard and then stick around to sign a thousand autographs.  He realizes though that kids look up to him.  He realizes fans scrutinize his every move, both off and on the field.

I for one, find it refreshing for a player of Q’s status to cater to the fans.  After all without the fan base, it would be extremely difficult to be a winner.  That was no more obvious than in the playoff run last season.  Let’s hope the good will spills over into the regular season when it all counts and Boldin and the team start hitting their bumps.  That will be the true test of both fan loyalty and Boldin’s toughness to shrug off any negativity.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen